Can you tell me who Hustler’s University is aimed at?

Founder and current CEO Andrew Tate created HU. Tate created the programme to help those with no prior experience making money online start earning enough to support themselves.

Given that he modifies his lessons for students of varying aptitudes, this course truly has something for everyone. His classes are designed for both complete beginners and more advanced students who want to learn from one of the best.

The problem is that he makes an unrealistic promise, namely that you will begin earning money on day one. Starting out, this is a lofty objective, especially if you are fresh to the business and entrepreneurial environment. Time is required for both the teachings to sink in and for you to become established in the business world. Read more on timesbusinessnews hustlersuniversity post below.

Andrew Tate gets a more thorough analysis.

Hustler’s University and its founder, Andrew Tate, are sometimes the focus of investigation. Tate is, to put it mildly, a divisive personality.

Many people, both online and in positions of power, have condemned Andrew Tate for things he has said and (allegedly) done in the past. Some of these folks have also demanded that he be made to answer for his behaviour.

He became well-known due to the controversial views he expressed on hot-button issues of the day.

A common criticism levelled at him is that he promotes a violent and misogynistic worldview to impressionable young people through his internet activities.

Success Stories from Hustler College Freshmen?

If you’re thinking about enrolling at Hustlers University, you probably want to know if his students genuinely end up with the results he claims they would.

You can read some reviews if you want to, but they’re on the same page as the course info, and they won’t sway you much. Despite there being only a handful of credible success stories, the vast majority will sing the course’s praises as if it were the best thing ever.

To learn more about this, you may, for example, check review websites

The positive reviews for Andrew Tate tend to come from those who are either already familiar with him or have only recently discovered him.

The only question left is whether or not he will help you maximise your potential for online financial gain.

This is how some high praise might look like:

In order to absorb everything that is said, however, you need to concentrate intently. To get comments and other people’s opinions on your work, you can upload it to a chat and discuss it with them.

Positive results from Hustler University courses are still being reported by students across all campuses, despite the widespread criticism of Andrew and his followers.