Detection of metalworking fluid

Metalworking solution is the liquid used in metal processing, mainly lubricating and cooling, and has rust-proof cleaning. General metalworking fluids include cutting fluids, cutting oils, emulsions, punching oils, quenching oils, quenching agents, high temperature oil, extreme pressure cutting fluid, grinding fluid, anti-rust oil, cleaning agent, black agents, pulled deep oil , Thickener, etc. The metalworking fluid is widely used in industrial use, and it is essential to improve Metal Stamping production capacity, and the testing of metalworking fluid is essential.

The detection of metalworking fluid is: crystal silicon cleaning liquid, single crystal silicon cutting liquid, polysilicon cutting liquid, diamond cutting liquid, crystalline silicon, crystalline silicon polishing fluid, aluminum alloy cutting fluid, Fully synthetic cutting fluid, microemulsion cutting solution, magnesium alloy cutting fluid, environmentally friendly cutting fluid, drawing liquid, water-based fuel, copper aluminum draw oil, punching oil, punching oil, etc.

The problem for metalworking detection is mainly durable, poor grinding force, low cutting efficiency, poor dispersibility, poor cleaning effect, poor lubrication performance. Improve the quality of metalworking fluids, the detection is essential.