How the matrix movies are linked to the program “ The real world.”

The real world by Andrew Tate is an online program that gives lessons on prospects to live fulfilling lives. This online programis given by Andrew Tate. Through this online program, he claims to give the portal to his followers to way out or take the quit from the matrix.

visit to get the complete details on the real world program. The video and lessons in the real world show its link to the matrix movies, where tate is referred to as Morpheus, and the matrix movies are considered the society that makes the people weak, complacent, weak, and alone.

What is the real world?

Andrew Tate is referred to as the polarizing figure who urges his followers to operate the hustler university program to join the real world program. This program tate is looked most similar to the hustler university. But in some aspects, the hustler university differs from the real world.

If you want to join the new program of Andrew Tate, the real world, you should know how the real program differs from the hustler university. HU program is hosted on a private discord server, whereas the real world is backed by the encrypted messaging service telegram.

Tate’s criticism of the matrix movies

Visit to understand how the matrix and real world program show the landing pages that start from the videos.

  • When the program starts, the video is displayed and open the way in front of member to understand the way of other people who already make a huge amount of income from the tate program, hustler university.
  • The video indicates the pivots to criticism of tate and his steps to make the program more helpful for members towards earning money online.
  • This criticism of tate works opposite to tate. Due to this, one of the news anchor clips is lead to bans on social media channels of tate. They also reported against the investigation of human trafficking on tate and on severalsocial celebs like KSI, who call the program of tate hustler university the pyramid scheme.
  • Along with the pivots, this video of the program also displays the picture of students who has not continued with the program and canceled their hustler university subscription because they regarded the tate as a scam artist who is going against the matrix movies.

Amid the video of the program, one scene also comes from the matrix movies, indicating that the tate act is only an attack of desperation.