How To Keep A Snooker Table Clean

You’ve seen it on the TV when the pros are playing in the snooker tournaments, they have a difficult shot at one end of the table and they need a much longer cue. Its then they get out their snooker cue extensions and transform their own cue to a monster length cue to reach those difficult shots. The professional snooker players have brought on the development of these extensions simply because they did not want to use the so called long tackle cue set that comes with the big tables. The reason is clear enough; their own cue is far superior to the equipment under the table and is properly chalked etc. and they are used to it.

The extensions come in a variety of sizes and World snooker championship can often be strung together to make the cue even longer. They start with the small 5 or 6 inch so called smart extender and can go up to 30 inches or more to make the cue the same size (7 or 8 foot) as the long cues that live underneath the table.

Also cue extenders come in 2 different types of fitting, either screw in types or push on types. As the name implies the screw in types screw into the joints on your cue to extend the length whereas the push on types pushes onto the butt end and extend the cue that way.

The screw in types give a more solid feel to the cue when extended, the only snag with this arrangement is that the screw threads can be different between the different manufacturers, so be advised by your cue retailer which types are compatible with your cue. The push on types are universal which is a good thing, but they don’t feel quite as solid as a screw in extension. So there you have it you can emulate the pros when it comes to those difficult shots with your own collection of snooker cue extensions.