Tea Oil Toenail Treatment – What is Tea Tree Oil Nail Fungus Solution?

Compost tea, made from quality input and brewed properly, is revolutionizing the way we farm and garden.

Did you know that thousands of species of beneficial blooming flower tea microorganisms are the ones responsible for getting the ALL the nutrients into the plant?

Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Sulfur, Zinc… you name it, there is microorganism that passes these nutrients to the plant in an available form that is healthy for the plant; unlike synthetic fertilzers which is what most people use to feed their plants.

Studies show over and over again that synthetic fertilizers kill all the microorganism life in the soil. This means the HUGE benefit of using microorganisms to freely translocate nutrients from the earth itself into the plant is lost. That is why you have to buy fertilizers to get decent results, but even then, you end up with mediocre vegetation, fruits and blossoms that don’t smell as good, taste as good, and aren’t as vitamin and mineral rich for your and your family’s health.

This is where using Compost Tea made from high quality compost and superior humates come into play.

Like cooking a recipe, Compost tea is easy to make, but the recipe is only as good as following the instructions and the quality of ingredients used.

When you use Compost Tea, you are growing the soil while the plant takes care of itself. The microorganisms you are adding to the soil proliferate and get all the nutrients your plant asks for moment by moment, into its root zone. Even applied as a foliar spray, The microorganisms will fix and pass nutrients into the plant’s leaf surface, using even less energy than pulling it up from the earth!

We have a saying that there is “NO GREENTHUMB REQUIRED” when you brew high quality compost tea made from high quality humates, humus’, compost and other activating ingredients like fish hydrolysate and marine plant extract. For this spring, try something different that is 100% earth friendly, green, sustainable and where the future of farming and gardening is headed. Grow the soil, the plant takes care of itself.

And, if you do add some fertilizer (NPK), watch out for the results! The compost tea and complex humic substances actually make good use of fertilizer salts, and that gives growing and blooming a huge boost.