Who Am I, What Am I Doing Here, and Why Me? – Present Life and Past Life Regression Therapy

Both gift existence regression and past existence regression remedy are not unusual hypnotic strategies to assisting clients transform present life problems and problems. How and why does regression remedy work, and what are the variations within the consequences of each sorts of regression therapies?

If a client requests gift existence regression therapy or inner infant work, the interview focuses on what she wants and expects from past life regression present-existence regression therapy. A detailed discussion emerges which outlines the therapist and client’s responsibilities in doing present-lifestyles regressions. I explain that we can awareness on contemporary presenting problems with pragmatic desires as the final results and that the prevailing-life regression work turns into a method to an cease, now not an result in itself. Because of the criminal limits of the usage of hypnosis in California, I make certain my customer has informed consent and knows that any facts she accesses in a hypnotic kingdom is not admissible in a court of law nor can it’s used in a deposition for testimony. I ensure my client has her very own recovery and wholeness as the focus of the work and that she knows that uncovering reminiscences does now not necessarily show that what turned into remembered is genuine. The customer is informed that the internal toddler paintings is a procedure to which one should devote in her own time and way, and that the present-life regression work, itself, is simply one important step of the recovery system.

I inform the patron that it’s miles my obligation as the manual to ask open-ended questions and to allow the content material of the revel in to stand up totally from herself. I explain that I might be a “tour manual”, however that she is the “driver” of the enjoy. I empower the customer to verbalize any desires that rise up for the duration of the regression and to sense unfastened to touch upon any questions or concerns she may also have at the same time as experiencing the hypnotic state in order that I can help her process. I tell her that having access to in hypnosis is a talent and by being communicative of what is and isn’t always occurring, I can assist her discover ways to get entry to greater without problems whilst within the hypnotic kingdom. I encourage the customer to inform me if “not anything” is going on and assure her that “nothing” is “some thing” and is perfectly all proper.

I use impeccable language styles which might be non-directive and customer empowering and, after the client has experienced the existing lifestyles supply of the issue, I ask the customer to reframe or rescript the adolescence experience. I also recognize as a protracted-time getting better codependent humans helper, that I need to stay out of the client’s procedure and content so that I am now not appearing out my very own “needs to be wished”. Most importantly, the patron wishes to revel in her personal internal sources for restoration so that she learns that she isn’t depending on a out of doors resource or “authority” for answers and healing. Also, to facilitate the integrity of the session, the hypnotherapist desires to avoid asking directive questions, telling the consumer what to do and to be careful that tips aren’t embedded in the language patterns. The patron’s higher Self as an internal figure (see my preceding article on Creating the Inner Family) is always used as the resource and because the director of the reframing or rescripting due to the fact the higher Self can and could create the precise corrective and recovery experience for the incident or reminiscence. There is not any one else who could possibly realize the kid’s needs or help those desires better than the patron herself. To guide the customer’s better Self in doing the work, I generally ask: “What does the kid want?” The client’s self-directed internal response is typically spontaneous and smart.