Who Owns Nigeria – Christians or Muslims?

Nigeria, a nation favored by the Almighty God, is made up such countless parts. These parts are related with one type of religion or the other. Notwithstanding, there are two unmistakable religions that are drilled by the bigger populace of the nation – Christianity and Islam. For clear reasons, these religions have been attempting to keep an administrative role or prevalence over the others.

The public authority at the middle has consistently been watching the strict dramatization as it unfurls on regular schedule. Most pioneers have frequently been enticed to favor one side with the terrible advancement accordingly dirtying their hands in the dinky waters of strict Ebira language fanaticism. In places, where the Christians are in larger part, Muslims cry foul, asserting underestimation and same thing occurs in where the Muslims are in larger part. In such regions, presenting oneself as an individual from one religion where the other is in larger part is most definitely, making hostility.

In circumstances as terrible as this, the focal government is relied upon to stay nonpartisan and unprejudiced authority in issues of this nature. An ideal model is the capture of all the Christian (Mission) schools by the Federal Republic of Nigeria years back. It ought to be noticed that, the Federal Government of Nigeria acted in accordance with valid “federalism”, the idea of these schools in any case. Nationals who don’t prefer the Christian religion will be allowed to get Western Education without inciting strict envy. However, without conciliatory sentiment, the Federal Government of Nigeria, it ought to be noted, acted in light of a legitimate concern for public solidarity to establish a climate where Muslims and Christians will feel free in a plural society, go to a similar school, and communicate socially, without being defamed.

The on-going discussion on the public authority’s presentation of “Islamic Banking System”, which has effectively put the two religions (Christianity and Islam) at blockhead is an issue that calls for public consideration. The Nigerian Banking Sector which has been encountering heaps of change strategies of late, which are painstakingly started and completed in its administrative role, has not seen the sort of hotness this new change is producing.

Right reasoning Nigerians have stayed worried over the issue because of the force of religion to make division. The arranged presentation of Islamic financial model into the Nigerian monetary scene is one of the issues that have raised such a lot of residue as aftereffect of the expression “Islamic” that is connected to the name. The things that occur in this country on everyday schedule have made the advocates of a solitary and unified country under the name “Nigeria” to have a reexamine. Therefore, there is a discussion on the issue of “classification” whether or not the proposed non-premium banking ought to keep up with the name “Islamic Banking”. Savants have said that the expression “Islamic Banking” will just prevail with regards to stirring up the flames of common doubt in a curious religion-touchy climate like Nigeria. It is likewise seen that taking on the disputable name will be a grave infringement of the country’s common status.

The on-going discussion which experiences really created such a lot of difficulty. The Christians in a single hand, are blaming the Muslims for appreciating modest ubiquity by permitting the public authority to put Islam above and against different religions in the country, particularly on their implied bid to Islamize Nigeria (see Daily Trust, Monday July 4, 2011, page 30 and Thursday July, 7, 2011, pages 26-27). The Muslims, then again, are blaming the Christians for being uninformed and simultaneously, digressing from genuine Christianity, in the event that they concur with the current Nigerian financial framework that advances blackmail.